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Braun Watch

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extended Reality

blurring lines

Virtual Reality has arrived. Back in the 90’s Hollywood wildly speculated on the possibilities virtual reality would bring with movies such as the Lawnmower Man, Strange Days, Virtuosity, and the Matrix to name but a few. At the time both hardware and software were not able to realise such fantastical expectations and the few VR headsets that did exist were akin to strapping a CRT monitor to your head. The experience was not a rewarding one. Instead the world would have to wait until 2016 for virtual reality to hit the mainstream.

Despite some misconceived notions about VR, those earlier films from more than two decades ago, did identify the potential uses of VR which are now being realized. These include applications in healthcare, entertainment, education, communications, design & construction, tourism, and many other sectors.

VR is not a fad, VR is here to stay and the technology, platforms, and content in this space are evolving at a rapid pace. If you want to know what VR can mean to your business or if you have a specific application in mind, talk to us today. Our team are experts in both software and game design and development, usability, UX design, as well as gamification and monetization mechanics in all kinds of commercial applications. Whilst the rules around what makes good usability and how to best monetize VR content have not yet been set, our team has the experience and expertise to help guide you through this new and exciting space.